Awesome Entryway Ideas That Make a Beautiful Impression

The super talented design team at Amber Interiors out of Calabasas, California gave a tired ranch house a fresh and modern new look. The revamped entryway is 100 percent swoon-worthy. Anchoring the space is a gorgeous, oversized mirror reflecting the lovely living room. Below it is a midcentury, wood slat bench in teak that provides a place to sit or drop off handbags. A Turkish rug brings room warming color. In the corner is a pop of natural greenery. On the right is another midcentury seat made of wood. On top are two sheepskin rugs for comfort. 

A beautiful and well-organized entryway will make a home feel more inviting. But knowing which steps to take to get the job done may not seem obvious. To help you pack a lot of style and function into your current foyer, no matter it’s size, we gathered our favorite entryway ideas for your inspiration.

Having a place to put on or take off shoes in an entryway is essential in many homes. We believe that the bench, chair, or stool you decide to keep near your front door should show off your unique style. Case in point, these Eames inspired chairs.

The molded plastic seats were initially solid blue. Interior designer Megan Pflug gave them a stunning new look with patterned marble fabric. Her decoupage project required three yards of material, which was cut to fit each chair before being attached to the original surface using Mod Podge glue. Afterward, a couple of coats clear water-based polyurethane was applied to the fabric to protect against moisture and stains.

Not having a closet in the entryway is not a problem for this Swedish apartment seen on Alvhem. A recessed wall deep enough for shelves with a 10-inch depth becomes a handy spot to keep shoes and hang coats. A pendant light, sizeable gilded mirror, and small seat add practical function. On the floor are square ceramic tiles that stand up to wet shoes.

This chic and tiny entryway brimming with style is by Jennifer Wagner Schmidt Interior Design situated in Fairfax, Virginia. The fantastic foyer is equipped with a glossy lacquer console table with drawer storage. Above it is a faux bamboo mirror in white. Dressing up the walls is black and white wallpaper in a modern Moroccan inspired trellis pattern. Framed art is perfect for personalizing a space. Here a small print is a nice touch. 

Interior designer Amy Fasnacht from Havenly, an online home decorating service was tasked with transforming an empty, open concept space without a proper entryway into a multifunctional abode. To accomplish the mission, Fasnacht carved up the room into clearly defined zones for specific purposes. Placing a rough-hewed bench behind the sofa carved out a little entryway. The piece of furniture conveniently located near the front door is a landing strip for grab and go items like handbags.